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Leuchtturm1917 Recombine Drehgriffel Nr. 1 Ballpoint Pen - Ink

Leuchtturm1917 Recombine Drehgriffel Nr. 1 Ballpoint Pen - Ink

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Leuchtturm1917 Recombine Drehgriffel Nr. 1 Ballpoint Pen - Ink

Introducing our Drehgriffel Nr. 1 Ballpoint Pen:

Experience the timeless charm of the Drehgriffel Nr. 1 Ballpoint Pen, paying homage to the original 1920 design. Each pen is meticulously crafted, a testament to both artistry and functionality.

Key Features:

Document Proof ISO 15727-2: This pen adheres to the highest quality standards, ensuring dependable performance.
Includes Royal Blue Ink Refill: Enjoy a smooth and sophisticated writing experience with the included refill.
Refillable: Combine sustainability with style by effortlessly replacing the ink, ensuring this pen stands the test of time.

The Drehgriffel Nr. 1 is more than a writing tool; it's a piece of history reborn. Its hexagonal silhouette and finely tapered tip provide a comfortable grip and an enjoyable writing experience. The twist mechanism blends tradition with modern convenience, and you have the freedom to select contrasting colors for both the tip and body, allowing your personal style to shine through.

Crafted from precision-milled aluminum and brass, the Drehgriffel Nr. 1 transcends the realm of mere writing instruments and becomes a work of art. With a robust strength rating of B and preloaded with Royal Blue ink, this 5.2-inch masterpiece is tailored for comfortable, extended writing sessions.

To complement your collection, we offer the matching Leuchtturm1917 Drehgriffel Nr. 1 Ballpoint Pen in captivating Apricot, Lobster, Sky, and Ink (royal blue ink). And when the time comes for a refill, our replacement refills are conveniently available in packs of 2.

The Drehgriffel Nr. 1 is available in both ballpoint and gel pen options. Explore our Leuchtturm1917 replacement refills, featuring line widths F, M, and B in a variety of captivating colors for the ballpoint, and for the gel pen with a precise 0.5 mm line width in both classic black and royal blue ink.

Elevate your writing experience with the Drehgriffel Nr. 1 Ballpoint Pen – a fusion of enduring design and contemporary functionality.



Brand Leuchtturm1917
Product Type
Ballpoint Pen
Color Ink
Features Ballpoint pen made from precision-milled aluminium and brass; Document proof ISO 15727-2
Strength B
Ink With ink in Royal Blue
Type Refillable
Applicable Refill We offer the matching LEUCHTTURM1917 refill with black, royal blue, green or red ink. The refills are available in a pack of 2.

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