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Leuchtturm1917 B6+ Softcover Paperback Notebook - Plain / Mint Green

Leuchtturm1917 B6+ Softcover Paperback Notebook - Plain / Mint Green

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Leuchtturm1917 B6+ Softcover Paperback Notebook - Plain / Mint Green

This is Leuchtturm1917 B6+ Softcover Paperback Notebook in the refreshing Mint Green – meticulously designed to inspire creativity and enhance your organizational prowess. With plain pages, this versatile notebook provides a blank canvas for sketches, notes, and unbridled expression.

Key Features:

  • Plain Pages for Limitless Creativity: Immerse yourself in freeform creativity with plain pages, offering a flexible canvas for sketches, notes, and creative expression, allowing your ideas to flow unrestricted.

  • Refreshing Mint Green Design: Make a subtle yet impactful statement, whether at work or leisure, with the Mint Green softcover adding a touch of freshness and vibrancy to your daily essentials.

  • Efficient Organization: Navigate effortlessly through 123 numbered pages, supported by a blank table of contents and two page markers for quick referencing, ensuring your notes remain organized and accessible.

  • Convenient Gusseted Pocket: Enhance your daily carry with the gusseted pocket, securely holding loose notes and essentials, providing additional functionality to your organizational routine.

  • Secure Elastic Enclosure Band: Safeguard your ideas with the elastic band closure, ensuring both privacy and protection for your valuable notes.

  • Perforated and Detachable Sheets: Enjoy the flexibility of 8 perforated and detachable sheets, perfect for sharing information or creating quick reminders on the go.

  • Customizable with Sticker Set: Infuse a touch of personal style into your organization with the included sticker set, enhancing both functionality and style.

  • Lay-Flat Design: The thread-bound book opens flat, offering a seamless and comfortable surface for writing or drawing across the entire page.

  • Premium Paper Quality: Crafted with FSC-certified paper (80–100 gsm, depending on the format) and slightly chamois-colored pages, enhancing readability for a delightful and visually pleasing writing experience.

Brand Leuchtturm1917
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Color Mint Green
Size B6+
Cover Type Softcover
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