New: Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal All Black Stealth Collector's Edition

This is Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal All Black Stealth Collector's Edition, a carefully curated set that encapsulates exclusivity and sophistication. This limited edition collection includes the official Bullet Journal® notebook, the Drehgriffel Nr. 1 with a black gel refill, and a self-adhesive Pen Loop, elegantly presented in a sleek gift box with an all-black tone-on-tone design.

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A name embossing gives uniqueness.   Our personalisation service turns notebooks, journals and... 

*Writing by hand is thinking on paper.

Thoughts grow into words, sentences and pictures.

Memories become stories. Ideas are transformed into projects. Notes inspire insight.

We write and understand, learn, see and think – with our hands.

Your ideas, your plans, your projects. It's all in your hands.

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Apricot, Lobster, Sky und Ink –  four radiant and inspiring new colours.

As soon as we put pen to paper, we set our thoughts into motion. A space opens up in which memories, encounters, experiences and insights are reassembled. This is how plans, ideas, paths and images emerge, nd to develop new which we again

 perceive differently upon writing. We combine, reflect, think and develop further – re:combine your thoughts. 

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Planners 2024

The range of functions a planner may need to fulfil are as varied and individual as people’s daily schedules. We at LEUCHTTURM1917 are well aware of this fact – which is why we created five different planner variants. Each of our planners offers users a unique set of benefits to meet individual requirements.

A planner should be a daily tool. It helps us to structure our working days and weekends, schedule and keep appointments and remember important events – in short, it should be our constant companion. At the same time, everyone needs to ask themselves “What do I want my planner to do for me?”.

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Bullet Journal® – Edition 2.

Bullet Journal® – Edition 2. La version originale encore plus astucieuse.

Chosen by New York product designer Ryder Carroll, the inventor of the Bullet Journal® method and the BuJo community, the Original Bullet Journal® Edition 2 in the new colour Green23 is available now. How do I organise my day and my life, with its many appointments, task and plans? In order to better organise his own life, Ryder Carroll first developed this method of self-organisation for himself as a method that can easily be adjusted to his personal needs – as an interface between productivity and focused thinking. A groundbreaking idea that is easy to adapt and has therefore been adopted by people all over the world.

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The new premium 120G Edition. A matter of transparency

The new 120G Edition notebooks are a perfect choice for anyone who loves to combine writing with sketching and drawing. By adding the right filler, the paper has a very low transparency. Writing and drawings are not visible from the back.

Whether you choose a classic notebook, bullet journal or use the paper for hand lettering: The properties of this special paper mean that it is suitable for a whole host of uses. The 120G Edition. A matter of transparency. Page for page – pleasure that unfolds.

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Memorable unique pieces. Our personalisation service turns notebooks, journals and calendars into... 

Drehgriffel Nr. 1

LEUCHTTURM1917 is reviving the Drehgriffel from the 1920s. The name "Drehgriffel"  is a German compound noun that directly translates as twist stylus. Its characteristic design makes this writing instrument truly distinctive: a hexagonal body with a pointed tip, which, like the twist button, is in a contrasting colour. The Drehgriffel is made from  precision-milled aluminium and brass, then painted and sealed. It uses a spring-loaded  twist mechanism. 

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Drehgriffel Nr. 2

The Drehgriffel Nr. 2, a part of the LEUCHTTURM1917 Drehgriffel series, combines precision and aesthetics. Crafted from aluminum and brass, this mechanical pencil offers a perfectly balanced, enjoyable writing experience. Its fine-tip, made from polished steel, seamlessly transitions to a 0.7 mm thin graphite refill. The lacquered tip, twist mechanism, and logo emphasize its form and function. Designed in Germany, the twist mechanism opens the gripper for lead advancement with a simple button press. Inside, a quiver houses multiple leads, ready to replace the current one.

Recipient of the 2022 Red Dot Design Award, the Drehgriffel Nr. 2 is more than a writing instrument – it's a work of art, combining quality, functionality, and a distinctive design.

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Our notebooks

As diverse as their owners.

A LEUCHTTURM1917 notebook gives you the freedom to discover yourself and your life.

It is your companion for everyday life which helps you to perceive thoughts more consciously, to recollect dreams and to visualise goals.

Once documented, it creates eternal memories and has the potential to become one of your greatest treasures.

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