Collection: Leuchtturm1917 RE:COMBINE - The 2024 Colors Collection

Reignite your creativity and thought process with re:combine your thoughts.

As soon as your pen touches paper, your ideas are set in motion. It's the magical moment where memories, experiences, and insights converge in a brand new way. By putting your plans, ideas, visions, and images into writing, you gain a fresh perspective. It's a chance to combine, reflect, think, and evolve.

This collection introduces four powerful new colors: Apricot, Lobster, Sky, and Ink. These vibrant shades make a statement and leave a lasting impact on your work.

Choose from a variety of options, including Medium (A5) notebooks with either Hardcover or Softcover binding. You can also opt for the precision of Drehgriffel Nr. 1 or the versatility of Drehgriffel Nr. 2. And don't forget the convenient Pen Loop or pencil to complete your writing experience.

Unlock a world of inspiration and creativity with Leuchtturm1917 RE:COMBINE - The 2024 Colors Collection. Let your thoughts flow freely and combine them in style.