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Leuchtturm1917 120G Edition A5 Medium Hardcover Notebook - Dotted / Lilac

Leuchtturm1917 120G Edition A5 Medium Hardcover Notebook - Dotted / Lilac

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Leuchtturm1917 120G Edition A5 Medium Hardcover Notebook - Dotted / Lilac

This is Leuchtturm1917 120G Edition A5 Medium Hardcover Notebook in the serene Lilac shade, a meticulously designed blend of style, functionality, and premium quality.

Key Features:

  • Dotted Pages for Limitless Creativity: Immerse yourself in boundless creativity with dotted pages, providing a flexible canvas for bullet journaling, sketching, and organized note-taking.

  • Serene Lilac Design: The Lilac hardcover introduces a touch of sophistication, making a subtle yet impactful statement, whether utilized for work or leisure.

  • Efficient Organization: Navigate effortlessly through 203 numbered pages, complemented by a blank table of contents, two bookmarks, and a gusseted pocket for convenient storage. Stay organized with ease.

  • Convenient Features: Enjoy the flexibility of 8 detachable sheets, two bookmarks for quick referencing, and a sticker set for personalized labeling and efficient archiving.

  • Secure Elastic Enclosure Band: Safeguard your ideas with the elastic band closure, ensuring privacy and protection for your valuable notes.

  • Lay-Flat Design: The thread-bound book opens flat, providing a seamless and comfortable surface for writing or drawing across the entire page.

  • High-Quality German Paper: Crafted with precision, the notebook features high-quality 120 gsm paper from Germany, guaranteeing a superior writing experience.


  • Medium (A5): Sized at 145 x 210 mm, offering ample space for your thoughts and creations.
  • Hardcover: Sturdy and durable, protecting your notes and maintaining the notebook's integrity.
  • 203 Numbered Pages: Providing an extensive canvas for your ideas and inspirations.
    Brand Leuchtturm1917
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    Color Lilac
    Size A5
    Cover Type Hardcover
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