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Leuchtturm Drehgriffel NR. 2 Mechanical Pencil - Lilac


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Leuchtturm Drehgriffel NR. 2 Mechanical Pencil - Lilac

The writing and drawing instrument's mechanism originates from Germany. By twisting
the head, the front part of the instrument opens, allowing the graphite lead to move
forward. When the twisting motion is stopped, the front part closes, securely holding the
graphite lead in position.

Additionally, the Drehgriffel Nr. 2 contains a chamber inside, capable of storing multiple
refills simultaneously. As soon as one refill is depleted, the chamber automatically
advances the next one forward for immediate use.

Brand Leuchtturm
Product Type Mechanical Pencil
Body Material ‎Aluminum
Color Lilac
Body Length 13 cm
Filling Mechanism 0.7mm HB Lead