Unleash your creative potential with RE:COMBINE, where thoughts merge and transform.

As soon as your pen touches the page, a unique space emerges, blending your memories, experiences, and insights into something entirely new. In the act of writing, your plans, ideas, visions, and images take on fresh dimensions.

Apricot, Lobster, Sky, and Ink – four vibrant colors that make a powerful statement. Discover them in Medium (A5) notebooks with a choice of Hardcover or Softcover binding, as well as Drehgriffel Nr. 1 or Drehgriffel Nr. 2 pens, and Pen Loop or pencil accessories.

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Planners 2024

The range of functions a planner may need to fulfil are as varied and individual as people’s daily schedules. We at LEUCHTTURM1917 are well aware of this fact – which is why we created five different planner variants. Each of our planners offers users a unique set of benefits to meet individual requirements.

A planner should be a daily tool. It helps us to structure our working days and weekends, schedule and keep appointments and remember important events – in short, it should be our constant companion. At the same time, everyone needs to ask themselves “What do I want my planner to do for me?”.

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Bullet Journal® – 第 2 版。

与 BuJo 社区的深入交流产生了对新功能和细节的想法,莱德卡罗尔开创性的自组织方法可以更直观地融入您自己的生活。使用新的 Bullet Journal® – Edition 2,享受更多的个人结构和创造力。

专门开发的低透明度 120 克/平方米纸分页器,用于在每页上进行智能标记网格指南,用于日历概览、图表和跟踪器贴纸集,包含实用的每月和每周概览带有子弹日记说明的袖珍指南封面现在也有独家颜色腮红


新的高级 120G 版。透明度问题

新的 120G 版笔记本是任何喜欢将书写与素描和绘画结合起来的人的完美选择。通过添加合适的填料,纸张的透明度非常低。从背面看不到文字和图画。

无论您选择经典笔记本、子弹日记还是使用手写字体纸张:这种特殊纸张的特性意味着它适合多种用途。 120G版。透明度问题。一页一页——展开的乐趣。


Drehgriffel Nr。 1个

LEUCHTTURM1917 正在复兴 20 年代的 Drehgriffel。 “Drehgriffel”这个名字是一个德文复合名词,直接翻译为twist stylus。其独特的设计使这款书写工具真正与众不同:带有尖头的六角形笔身,与旋转按钮一样,采用对比色。 Drehgriffel 由精密研磨的铝和黄铜制成,然后涂漆和密封。它使用弹簧加载的扭转机制。


Drehgriffel Nr. 2

The Drehgriffel Nr. 2, a part of the LEUCHTTURM1917 Drehgriffel series, combines precision and aesthetics. Crafted from aluminum and brass, this mechanical pencil offers a perfectly balanced, enjoyable writing experience. Its fine-tip, made from polished steel, seamlessly transitions to a 0.7 mm thin graphite refill. The lacquered tip, twist mechanism, and logo emphasize its form and function. Designed in Germany, the twist mechanism opens the gripper for lead advancement with a simple button press. Inside, a quiver houses multiple leads, ready to replace the current one.

Recipient of the 2022 Red Dot Design Award, the Drehgriffel Nr. 2 is more than a writing instrument – it's a work of art, combining quality, functionality, and a distinctive design.

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