Leuchtturm1917: Customised Notebooks for Corporate Events

Leuchtturm1917: Customised Notebooks for Corporate Events

While the age of digitisation has more or less surpassed traditional methods, there’s one thing that remains constant still and that is the need to write on a physical notebook. Traditional notebooks still triumph over digital notebooks simply because it feels real and of course the pros of not waiting for it to boot up when the thought or idea comes to you in that split second!


Culturally Aligned: A beautifully personalised Leuchtturm1917 notebook for the La Monnaie De Munt Opera House in Belgium

We believe that notebooks are the perfect brand ambassadors and that’s why they make for the best kinds of corporate gifts. Forget the novelty and get something that will actually be used and treasured. Notebooks travel wherever its owner goes and that’s exactly why you’ll want it to be the ‘face’ of your company.

While a notebook’s primary function is to be written in, it still means so much more than that- it’s where your thoughts are processed, ideas bloom and inspiration takes place. It might even be a safe space for some. Besides being such an intimate gift, it’s also a way for your company to immortalise your brand and any major events with class.

From aviation giant Qatar Airways to the culturally important Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, our personalisation services aim to preserve and represent the best of your brand down to the very pantone. Details make all the difference after all!


‘Einprägsam’ or, ‘easily remembered’ is the title you want your gifts to hold in someone’s heart. Check out how a Leuchtturm1917 notebook transforms into a notebook unique to any brand!

You have big ideas and we’re ready to fulfil them with our range of personalisation services. One of our best selling services are our name monogramming services. Simple yet classy! If you’re looking for more, we offer the following too:

  • Individual name personalisation
  • Full bleed
  • 4C colour
  • Custom designed loose-leaf message inserts
  • Corporate logo and pen loops with individual names
  • Custom logo and die-cut sleeve
  • On-site notebook customisation (name embossing)
  • On-site calligraphy service


To accompany your customised notebooks, you might want to consider another staple to any Leuchtturm1917 user: the Drehgriffel Ballpoint Pen.

The winner of the Red Dot 2020 Design award and the Good Design award 2021, the Drehgriffel is a product of the wish to have a good writing instrument that not only provides an accompaniment to a great notebook but an ergonomic pen that eases the pain that comes with writing.

Create a gift that allows your audience to get so much more from it. Make a difference with a customised Leuchtturm1917 notebook today.

For enquiries about corporate customisations for Leuchtturm1917 notebooks, head over here.

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